What we do: Our conscious drawings are like friends.                They will support and comfort you, and make you aware of what is.  Give them a place in your home and look at them from time to time. Like old friends, they will grow with you, inspire you and give you the light of insight. Let them make you smile and fill you with a moment of happiness. Talks: You can invite us to give a talk about: Conscious Drawing Birth Mandalas Numerology Cross-stitch Mandalas Contact us to find out what the possibilities are. If you organize a small group of people for a workshop, we will come to your home or location of preference
conscious drawing - example A5 Workshops: Conscious Drawing Birth Mandalas Numerology Workshops on request We prefer to work in small groups, to give  every person the attention they need. Contact us for more information Find us on Google Maps Angel cards & Numerology readings    ~in person and also via email~ Circle of Awareness Spiritual Gathering Conscious Drawings Birth Mandalas Workshops Talks SOURCE symbol