Angelcard - Numerology Readings:
Allow yourself to  turn problems into challenges We gratefully assist you to gain new insight in your heartfelt questions or reoccurring situations, decision-making and more with the help of Angel Cards, Numerology and our intuitive gifts. In a reading/consultation the Numerology gives insight to see the deeper spiritual purpose or goal of your life, and the skills you have to reach that goal. The Angel Cards give insight in daily situations or the challenge you face right now. They show us a different way of how to look at situations and give direction and support to open up for a better connection with and in your true self. Our intuitive gift helps us to connect with the divine source from which direction is given. In looking at situations from another perspective, new ways to approach these will be shown to you. In case you cannot come to our practice we also offer you a variety of readings via email. Numerology explains: Numerology tells us about our spiritual goal in life. It explains with what kind of energies we work and which skills we have to accomplish our goal. Numerology helps us to gain more insight in who we actually are. You will receive a brief but exceptionally insightful numerological description of 2 pages via e-mail Send us your name and date of birth.                                brief numerology description via e-mail Angel Card Reading Send us your name and date of birth If you wish, add a short question or ask what the   angels, the universe wants you to know. You will be surprised how accurate this is! Once your deposit is received, we will send your reading within 2-3 days. Should there be a need for a follow up e-mail within two weeks time on the first one, will that be R85 e-mail reading Prognoses for this year: A combination of numerology and angel cards, about the tendencies of this year. Especially if there is a specific question, situation, urgent matter at hand. Or just to know what to expect and what to be aware of.                                                                                                                                            via e-mail                                                                                 Relationship reading: Explaining differences and similarities in a relationship. Can be any relationship, parents and children, husband and wife, brothers and sisters etc.                                                       via e-mail   Price list via contact page Price list via contact page