The lessons of others teach you more about yourself Circle of Awareness
Contact us for more info about time and dates                                                                             R60 “The calming waves of the sea reminds of the waves of life. As storms pass by, the dark blue sea regains  its natural calming blue and shows its clear and clarifying nature. Do not regret the storms they clean your being from dust and sticky thoughts. The sea can be a mirror to remind us of our looks. Its calming influence gives an opening for a real look inside and if the wind is rippling the sea surface it blows silently and tender the little cares away and makes space for renewed energy. When the waves keep rolling again, moving forth and back as daily life, we will move forth and back as well and finally reach our goal wherever that may be. The landscape differs from time to time it can be another shore. But remember that the inner you will always be the same. That water drop which reflects you and contains all, every image, every thought... it is so much stronger than you think and never loses grip! It is a part -an important one- of that immense ocean. And that miraculous wonderful ocean contains us all, it exists through and by us and without each little drop it would not exist at all!” Loes,  21 August 2009 “Words”