All we need is your name and date of birth. Each drawing comes with a personal message, which gives insight and understanding in life-goal and challenges on the path of life. They are a unique anniversary gift, make a personal tattoo and a meaningful piece of art. Examples of Personalised Conscious Drawings for a couple A3 Size    Examples Birth Mandala A4 Size Be notified that all drawings on this page are examples of personalised drawings and used here with permission of the person for whom they were made. We also offer a large range of prints of Conscious Drawings, representing a feeling or emotion
SOURCE symbol conscious drawing - example A3 more more Birth Mandala - made for a person; example A4 size Birth Mandala - made for a person; example A4 size             Personalised Conscious Drawing                                              Birth Mandala                    (in Dutch: “Bewust Zijn” tekening) conscious drawing - example A3 Take Note!! However a Birth Mandala is an original birth-gift, it is not only for new born. Price list via contact page Drawings to order: