There is no such thing as a coincidence Conscious Drawings :    Conscious Drawings for a feeling or emotion "Conscious Drawings" are drawings that make us conscious of what is going on inside. We introduced these drawings in 2005 in the Netherlands and called them "Bewust Zijn tekeningen". Which has a double meaning "Bewust Zijn" means awareness and also just "BE". The drawings are intuitively drawn for a feeling, emotion or situation specified before we start to draw. The final result is not defined beforehand. The most important thing is to allow ourselves to let it go and flow and in doing so give our soul the chance to speak. These drawings definitely help in the process of awareness and are a great tool for self-healing! Get inspired! Personalised Conscious Drawings - ( to order ) Personalised drawings are made for a person. For us it is not necessary to know the person. All we need is the name and date of birth. Through our intuition we are able to connect and so the personality will be symbolised in the drawing. Every personalised drawing comes with a description, that delivers a message to help the individual gain insight into life’s challenges, possibilities, obstacles and lessons. They are a unique anniversary gift, make a personal tattoo and a meaningful piece of art.
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