We do not give answers, we show possibilities approx. 5-7 sessions 2 hrs.    per session             R 450  Counselling : Develop your personal spiritual awareness in a series of private sessions. More intense than a reading, these sessions can help you on your path of growth, understanding and awareness. Where one reading mostly is experienced as an eye-opener which brings on new insight, these sessions encourage you to take steps and make changes in your life. These bring new vision about your needs; how to approach problems and how to change these into challenges. Through these sessions you are guided in your new approach towards life. Issues like decision making, saying NO, letting go of the past and giving meaning to what you have experienced in life, as well as finding new directions are important subjects in these sessions. In short: Find yourself, Accept yourself, Love yourself and go for it! Counselling is also a way to find your specific skills, spiritually or otherwise.