It is not about the goal, it is about the journey Cross-Stitch Mandalas When we are making a Mandala, we are creating a personal symbol, which shows who we are, with all our strengths and qualities. The circle within the Mandala reflects the strengths and qualities playing together and how they keep each other balanced or unbalanced. That is why a Mandala can have a calming or healing effect. By making a Mandala we are making an energy field or place where energies can flow freely but also a place to return to, coming home in oneself. I make cross-stitch mandala's without a pattern or design. Therefore each one is totally unique. A mandala tapestry can make a beautiful wall decoration. It can make a nice little pillow or a design on a cotton shopping bag, but for me it is a healing journey. I choose my subject before I start. The name represents a situation in my life and I can read the journey in the mandala. Although I feel that everyone can create their own cross-stitch mandala I know that not everyone wants to do it. Therefore I have decided to make the charts and in that way share some of my cross-stitch mandala's with the world. I love to give classes in how to create your own cross-stitch mandala, when you are interested contact us.
Purchase a cross-stitch chart of one of these mandalas via our Etsy Shop  A digital download makes that you can start your mandala immediately. prices from R100.00 note: If you rather order directly, just send an e-mail