Transformation through awareness towards growth Spiritual Gathering : Mostly held in a home environment. We encourage people to invite family and friends for a gathering in their own home. In this setting we give every person present, a personal message via numerology and angel-cards. The message gives insight into your own being and life situation and shows the comparisons and the differences between each individual and their experiences. Although it is not necessary that people know each other, our experience is that in such a set up, as it is felt as a safe environment, people can help each other to understand the insights given. Also when they do know each other, they can help to remind each other long after the day the reading was given. Therefore these readings are always intense and experienced as heart to heart gatherings, which brings people closer to each other. The messages will be in such a way that the receiver understands what the deeper meaning is, but their privacy will not be infringed upon. max. 8 people price on request