Things are not difficult, it is how you approach them Workshop Conscious Drawings
In the workshop you learn how to make a Conscious Drawing yourself for all the bigger and smaller issues in your life. They are a great self-healing tool. Together we will have a look how to interpret the drawing you made. Although the drawings can be seen as "Art" there is much more to experience. Feel their healing effect, release your soul without words. Let your subconscious mind do the work for you. You are not challenged to create something beautiful but allow yourself to let it go and flow, freedom and intuition are stimulated. BUT understand your drawings are beautiful, because they are telling a story about you! Join and decide for yourself if these drawings work for you. May be they will bring you much more than you ever could dream of. Personal one on one workshop: In one session you will learn how to make Conscious Drawings and how to apply these in your daily life’s issues in order to heal yourself. The workshop gives insight in how to approach things differently and stimulates to use your intuition. Note: the Watermark will not appear on the Artwork itself conscious drawing - size A5 - "Renewal" conscious drawing - size A5 more examples conscious drawing - size A5 conscious drawing - size A5 These are examples of Conscious Drawings we made for bigger or smaller issues in our lives, prints are available