Things are not difficult, it is how you approach them Workshop Numerology It’s all in the numbers!!
Tap into the knowledge of the vibration of the numbers, and get to know more about yourself. Everything in this universe responds to the vibration of numbers. Numerology provides insight in the way we approach the challenges in life and how to use our abilities to make the most of it. Our name and numbers of birthdate carry information of the vibrations we work with. Knowing these give insight in our personality, strengths and talents, obstacles, inner needs and emotions. Numerology reveals all diverse parts of us and shows how that comes together in who we are; how we respond to the world around us. We can use numerology to explore the opportunities we have, to validate our talents and gifts to help us to find our path. To know ourselves is the first step; numerology gives understanding in who we are and how to accomplish our life-goal in the best possible way. For parents: a useful tool to help to understand their children and to get more insight in their personality and their specific needs.  For families: an eye opening tool to see and understand each individual and the group dynamics For organisations: a very useful tool to understand group dynamics and establish team building incl set of 12 unique Numerology Cards Introduction into Numerology Gives insight about goal & main influences The best way to work with these Where you are now Family, Teams, Relations Understand group dynamics Differences Similarities Numerological Readings Numerology Reading in groups, approx. 3 hrs. up to 8 people    price on Request