Things are not difficult, it is how you approach them Workshops Birth Mandala Have a look at our cross-stitch mandalas   Birth Mandala Classes 5x 3 hrs price on request excl. material
It is a misunderstanding that a Birth Mandala only can be made for a newborn. At any stage of our life a Birth Mandala is a wonderful gift (to give or create) for the acknowledgement of the inner self. more examples Birth Mandala - made for a person; example A5 size Birth Mandala - made for a person; example A5 size Birth Mandalas - the blueprint of your soul Using a person’s date of birth as a starting point, we create a personal symbol. In these classes we teach you how a Birth Mandala is build up and how it can be constructed. In every lesson you will be able to create more challenging birth mandalas and understand deeper aspects of the meaning and background. Next to this you will learn how to interpret the Birth Mandala. A Birth Mandala with a personal explanation at the side will give it even more worth. Basic knowledge of numerology as applied in the birth mandala is necessary in this course and a lot of attention is given to that as well. Colour-in techniques are taught (this can prove challenging) and placing the abilities of the colour pencil to good use. Although the set up of a Birth Mandala follows a certain defined structure, there will be more than enough space to use your creativity and ideas, and to bring them into your work. Creating a Birth Mandala for someone else, to give her or him an image of their essence, and a symbol to focus on, will also bring the maker back to their center. It is often felt as a kind of meditation. Birth Mandala - made for a person; example A5 size