SOURCE, a path to spiritual awareness Spiritual Awareness gives the opportunity to understand the true self and encourages freedom of thought and lifestyle. Our aim is to help people to find out who they really are. How well do you know yourself? What do you need to find your source of happiness? We support you in your process of spiritual awakening. We help you to understand your life-goal; and to see the deeper meaning of the challenges you face. For those amongst you who just want to dig deeper about life itself... we love to travel this journey with you. All the experiences we have in our lives are there for a reason. We need to take the time to explore them, to understand and accept them in order to grow and heal. Life can be challenging. Sometimes we face situations because of which we start doubting ourselves. We have the feeling we failed, we think that we did it all wrong. You feel it is all about what you did or didn't do. Even so often it was beyond you. We assist the individual in making real, lasting changes and encourage a commitment to action and the development of lasting personal growth and change. We are there to add value to your life, to help you to experience your inherent light. Awareness brings light and renewed passion in the relationship with yourself. And from there the rest will follow. SOURCE Pendant - Centring Energy Symbol This symbol is designed by us in 2005 and since then used as our logo The symbol represents the collective journey centred around the source, teaching and learning unconditional love, being one with the five elements, spreading the light              * the Pentagram - “the 5 elements”              * the Hearts - “unconditional love”              * the Inner Circle - “all is connected”              * the Points - “spread the light” and expand.
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